Personal responsibility, community, individual freedom

That is what the Vodafone pension plan stands for. Employees must become active themselves in order to receive a bAV from the employer. Introduced years ago, the 2018 pension plan made significant changes to the financing model. An improvement for the employees – but not easy to assess for laypersons in the bAV. The changes were therefore likely to cause unrest and rejection.

The solution: a complete relaunch of the existing microsite, combined with a reorganization of the content according to a modern design concept and an information architecture geared towards the employee.
In this way, the employees’ interest in the difficult topic of bAV was increased and the consulting effort on the external hotline was reduced.


Vodafone GmbH (Germany)

UI/UX, Research, Web Design, Visual merchandising & Storytelling

UI/UX Designer & Concept Designer

Research methods

  • Customer interviews
  • Market research analysis
  • Prototype testing
  • Persona
  • Customer journey